Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Goodbye Mork.....

It's been more than a week since Robin Williams died and the tributes and tears continue to flow from family, friends, and fans.  It seems that while Williams may have suffered from depression and other issues, that he may have had no idea what sort of impact his death would have on everyone.  I say that he may have had no idea, meaning that he may not have considered the impact he would have because if he had known the effect, pain, and sorrow his death would have caused, Robin Williams would not have committed suicide.  

Williams would have put off suicide because he cared about people.  If he was thinking correctly, he would not have wanted to hurt his family and friends.  He would also not have wanted to hurt his lifelong fans such as myself.  Williams gave so much of his time, money and efforts to others.  Only now are many of the stories about his generosity rising out of the ashes of his death.  Some were known, and some were kept silent at his request for years.  

I watched Williams on Happy Days first and was amazed at the way Mork jumped all over the place and challenged Mr. Cool.  The next time I saw this spastic comedian, he had his own show called 'Mork and Mindy'.  I never missed an episode.  I later watched his comedic stage presence, his movies and even recently his television series in awe.  Whether he was serious or in comedian mode, he had a lasting impact on those watching him.

William had the energy of ten comedians.  He seemed to be everywhere at the same time and to know what was going on with everyone.  I still remember one stand up show, years ago, when he took a camera from a member of the audience.  He used it first to take a picture of himself for the fan while making comments to the audience about the camera.  He then pulled out the front of his pants and pointed the camera into his pants to supposedly take a picture.  His comment was simple, "I hope this is a wide angle lens," and the crowd erupted.  He could make anything a prop.  At one point he saw a member of the audience get up to leave the show.  He immediately began to ask that person if they disliked the show and if they were leaving.  The audience member said something back that we could not hear because she did not have a mic, but Robin heard her.  She was only going to the bathroom.  Williams, flatly said, "That's okay.  We'll wait until you get back to continue the show."  Again, the audience laughed.  He then proceeded to tell a few minor jokes and upon the woman's return, he said, "Oh good, you're back.  We can get started again!"  Once again the audience laughed.  

For years, I have often wondered how Robin would have handled the lady going to the bathroom if she had never returned.  I imagine that he would have simply kept telling jokes and maybe at one point said something like, "Well, she's not coming back.  We'd better just keep going."  Again, I could imagine that the audience would have laughed.  Well, Robin Williams has stepped out of the show now....he's not going to the bathroom and he won't be coming back.  I guess the best we can do for now is tell a few jokes, laugh and finally accept that we'd better just keep going because Mork is not coming back.