Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Cover of A Book and Ms. Susan Boyle

For years the old saying "Don't judge a book by the cover" has been used for everything from people, to ideas, to animals, and yes even books. The other night the world was reminded not to judge a book by the cover by one Ms. Susan Boyle. Just do a Youtube search and you'll find out who she is quickly. What you really need to do though is look at the people in the crowd first. Everyone from the judges to those sitting in the crowd had a total negative judgement written on their faces. They judged the woman because she was slightly overweight, had a funny talk, joked about her age, and lives with her cat. She wasn't wearing fancy clothing and did not have a look of a professional singer.

Interestingly, when asked why she had never sang before, she flat said, "I've never been given the chance." The crowd continued to look at her with contempt right up to the moment she started to sing. From that first note the crowd started standing to their feet, the judges were in tears, and jaws dropped around the world.

Susan Boyle, you showed the world and good for you. Shame on the rest of us for trying so hard to judge the book by the cover. Ms. Boyle can out sing many so-called "stars" today. She can certainly out sing those lip-singing their way through songs on Saturday Night Live. Ms. Boyle can be proud of two things, first she has a fantastic voice and has shown the world she can sing, given the chance. Second, she is a bright shinning star in God's creation. I can just see God in Heaven sitting back laughing at all of the people for judging His creation before she even sang one note!

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